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V2.1.1 Hotfix

  • Due to the discontinuation of Adobe Flash, we have removed the "Games" section from the site. This may not show immediately due to our website using a Content Delivery System.
  • It appears our contact form had stopped working, this issue should now be resolved.


Whats new in V2.1

  • We have relocated the website to a more powerful server.
  • Security enhancements
  • We are still aiming to provide a classifieds service but have put off launching at present to help with social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic (we don't want to encourage people making unnecessary trips to collect things!)


Whats new in V2.0

  • We have redesigned some of the pages slightly
  • We have added a "server status" page that can be accessed via a link at the bottom of every page
  • We have been working behind the scenes to bring a brand new classifieds feature to the site, which of course will be 100% free. This is nearly complete and is currently in BETA testing
  • We have disabled hotlinking of our images (this is when someone displays our images on their website but it uses our server to "serve" them, thus bogging down the server for genuine site users)
  • We have upgraded our framework (the core system that runs this website) note: As a result, some features may not work as intended. We are actively testing all the features on the site and any found to be defective will be rectified ASAP
  • Due to numerous (not very good) "hackers" using brute force attacks to try and login to the servers administration area, we have increased security as it was putting added strain on our server
  • Our server is now protected by a 15Tbps DDoS mitigation system


Whats new in V1.9

Site responsiveness and loading times should now be improved as we have relocated to a new server. There might be a few bugs along the way but we are working to fix them ASAP. We have also fixed the issue with the contact form and re-enabled the anti-spam measure. You may also notice some extra information on some of the pages as we work to bring you new content.


Whats new in V1.8

When browsing the website, you can now browse securely by putting an S at the end of HTTP in your URL bar. We are still waiting for search engines to index our new security measures so for the time being if you arrive on the site via a search engine, your browser might say "Not Secure" - To fix this, simply visit https://www.crazyhorseworld.com and you will be redirected to the SSL secured version of the site.


We have fixed a few bugs around the site and are currently working towards improving the sites responsiveness and loading times. We are currently aware of an issue with our contact form, as a result we have had to disable our anti-spam measure until this issue is resolved.


Whats new in V1.7

Like every other website operating out of the UK and the EU in general, we have to comply with the new rules regarding data protection (GDPR) - As a result we have made some changes to our framework and how the site works (you won't notice any differences) as well as updating our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy which can now be accessed via the main menu


Whats new in V.1.6.1

  • New content added
  • Removed the broken side bar
  • Removed friends section


Whats new in V1.6.0

  • Purge of expired links
  • Typing error corrections
  • A list of bugs as long as a horses leg


Whats new in V1.5.1

  • Bug Fixes
  • Typing error corrections
  • New security measures in place for the administrative section
  • New contact form as the old one randomly stopped working
  • Site performance tweaks
  • Updated the core engine behind this website

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